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Home Brewing Supplies

From quality ingredients to top-notch equipment and expert advice, we provide everything you need to brew exceptional beer right at home.
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Brewing Equipment

Kickstart your brewing adventure with the right set of tools. At Country Brewer Port Macquarie, we've curated a robust selection of brewing equipment tailored to cater to both budding brewers and seasoned aficionados. 

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Discover the heart of your home brewery with our range of fermenters, designed for efficient fermentation and optimal flavour development in your brews.

Condensors, Boilers & Filters
Enhance your distilling process with our high-quality condensors, boilers, and filters, ensuring a smooth and refined spirit every time.

Kegs, Kegerator, Co2 Gas Sales & Refills
Elevate your beer serving experience with our selection of kegs and kegerators, complemented by our reliable CO2 gas sales and refill services.

Grain Mills and All Grain Brewing Systems
Grind your grains to perfection and master the art of all-grain brewing with our efficient grain mills and comprehensive all-grain brewing systems.

Cleaning Supplies
Keep your brewing equipment in pristine condition with our range of cleaners and sanitisers, ensuring every brew is a step towards perfection.

From bottles to various other parts and accessories, we have everything to ensure your brewing process is seamless from start to finish.

Our in-store experts at Country Brewer Port Macquarie are always available to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you have the right equipment to meet your brewing aspirations. Visit us to explore a world of brewing equipment aimed at elevating your brewing journey.
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Brewing Kits

Dive into the brewing world with ease and excitement with our diverse range of brewing kits at Country Brewer Port Macquarie. Our kits are meticulously crafted to provide a straightforward brewing experience while delivering exceptional results. 

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Variety of Brands
Explore kits from brands like WAL’S, RAPID CREEK, XTRACT, WETPAK, WITH THE GRAIN, CRUSH CIDER, CRUSH GINGER, and DECARB. We also feature well-renowned brands like COOPERS, Morgan’s, and MANGROVE JACK’S, offering a plethora of choices to suit your taste.

Range of Styles
Whether you fancy a Stout, Pale Ale, Lager, or are in the mood for something fruity like a Cider, our range of kits covers a wide spectrum of beer and cider styles. You're sure to find a kit that resonates with your taste buds.

Ease of Use
Each kit comes with detailed instructions and the essential ingredients needed to brew a successful batch. They are designed to simplify the brewing process, making it a fun and rewarding experience.

Gluten-Free Options
For those with dietary restrictions, we offer gluten-free kits, ensuring everyone can enjoy the brewing process and the satisfying taste of a well-brewed beverage.

Great for Gifting
Our brewing kits make for a unique and thoughtful gift for the brewing enthusiast in your life, be it a seasoned brewer or a curious beginner.

Our team at Country Brewer Port Macquarie is here to guide you in choosing a brewing kit that aligns with your brewing goals and taste preferences. Visit us and discover the joy of brewing with our exceptional range of brewing kits, and embark on a delightful brewing adventure.
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martyn parnell
Country brewer stocks a good range of brewing products. Mark the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Daniel Craig Fardon
Mark is a great guy and very helpful, the store is well stocked and the prices are legendary.
Ron Griffey
Friendly, knowledgeable, service focused.
Steven Hoffman
Great service and very helpful thanks Mark
Georgina Warren
Great selections
Debby Jackson
Helpful friendly service for Novice.
Richard Jagger
Mark is super helpful and has great stock. Bring on happy brewers :)

Grain, Hops & Yeast

Unveil the brewer in you with our premium selection of grains, hops, and yeast at Country Brewer Port Macquarie. Each component is crucial in crafting a brew that resonates with your taste and style. 

Here's what you can expect from our range:

Variety of Grains
From pre-cracked grains available in 150g, 500g, 1kg, and 4kg quantities to 25kg bags of uncracked grains (which can be ordered cracked at no extra cost), our variety caters to all brewing scales and preferences.

Hop Pellets
Discover a world of flavour and aroma with our large variety of hop pellets available in 12g, 60g, 150g, and 500g packs. Whether you're aiming for a bitter, fruity, or floral profile, our hops selection has something for every brewer.

Quality Yeast
The yeast is the magic behind fermentation. We stock a wide range of yeast strains to cater to different brewing styles, ensuring a healthy fermentation and a tasty brew.

Advice from Experts
Our team is passionate about helping you find the right combination of grains, hops, and yeast to achieve the brew you envision. We're here to provide guidance and share knowledge, ensuring a successful brewing experience.

All Grain Brewing Support
For those keen on all grain brewing, we offer the support and products needed to dive deep into this rewarding brewing style.

Our in-store experts at Country Brewer Port Macquarie are always ready to share their knowledge and assist you in selecting the right materials for your brewing venture. Visit us, explore our Grain, Hops & Yeast section, and take a step closer to crafting your perfect brew.
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Brewing Sugars & Adjuncts

Elevate the character of your brews with our selection of brewing sugars and adjuncts at Country Brewer Port Macquarie. These ingredients play a pivotal role in fine-tuning the taste, appearance, and mouthfeel of your creations. 

Here’s what we offer:

Variety of Brewing Sugars
Let us know what you want out of your brewing sugars and we can advise you which ones can give the most alcohol, flavour, body and head retention or just the best for the style of beer you want to make.

Gluten-Free Options
For those seeking gluten-free alternatives, we provide sorghum syrup and rice malt. These options allow you to brew with peace of mind without compromising on taste.

Adjuncts for Refinement
Explore our adjuncts to adjust the mouthfeel, clarity, and stability of your brew. From clarifying agents to body enhancers, our adjuncts are here to help you refine your beer to perfection.

Expert Guidance
Our team is well-versed in the nuances of brewing sugars and adjuncts. We're here to provide guidance on how to effectively use these ingredients to achieve the desired outcome for your brew.

Quality Assurance
We ensure all our sugars and adjuncts are of high quality, providing a reliable foundation for your brewing endeavours.

Visit us at Country Brewer Port Macquarie to explore our Brewing Sugars & Adjuncts section. Our in-store experts are ready to assist you in selecting the right ingredients to enhance your brewing experience, ensuring each brew is a step closer to perfection.
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Our Brands

At Country Brewer, we're all about delivering a service you'll appreciate, guided by honesty and a shared love for culinary craftsmanship.

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