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Distilling Supplies

From quality stills to expert advice, we provide everything you need to embark on your distilling journey and craft exceptional spirits. Discover our range and elevate your distilling experience.
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Distilling Equipment

Embark on your distilling journey with confidence, armed with quality equipment from Country Brewer Port Macquarie. Our curated selection of distilling equipment is designed to cater to both novices and seasoned distillers, ensuring a smooth and successful distilling process.

Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

We offer the popular Still Spirits T500 and the Country Brewer Black Maximus stills.


A crucial part of the distillation process, our fermenters provide the ideal environment for your mash to ferment optimally. Explore various sizes and styles to find one that meets your needs.

Measurement Instruments
Precision is key in distilling. Our assortment of measurement instruments, including hydrometers and thermometers, ensures you have the accuracy needed at every stage of the distillation process.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies
Keeping your equipment clean and well-maintained is essential for producing quality spirits. Discover our range of cleaning agents and maintenance supplies designed to keep your distilling equipment in top-notch condition.

Our in-store experts at Country Brewer Port Macquarie are always on hand to provide guidance, answer your questions, and ensure you select the equipment that aligns with your distilling aspirations. Visit us and take the first step towards crafting exceptional spirits with the support of quality distilling equipment.
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Spirit & Liquor Essences

Dive into the essence of flavour with our diverse range of spirit and liquor essences at Country Brewer Port Macquarie. Crafting a spirit that resonates with your taste preferences is an art, and our selection of essences is designed to provide a palette of flavours for your creative exploration. 

Here’s a taste of what we offer:

Whisky Essences
From smoky to smooth, our whisky essences capture the rich tradition of whisky flavour profiles.

Vodka Essences
Achieve the crisp, clean taste of classic vodka or explore unique flavour infusions.

Gin Essences
Unleash a garden of botanicals with our gin essences, perfect for crafting a traditional or contemporary gin.

Rum Essences
Transport yourself to the tropics with our range of rum essences, embodying the warm, sweet characteristics of classic rum.

Our essences are sourced from reputable brands, ensuring quality and consistency in every drop. They are designed to simplify the flavouring process while allowing the flexibility to create a spirit that's uniquely yours.

The journey of flavour doesn’t end at the essence; it merely begins. Our knowledgeable team is here to provide guidance, answer your questions, and inspire you to experiment with different essence combinations.

Visit us at Country Brewer Port Macquarie to explore our Spirit & Liquor Essences section. Let’s create something exceptional together, one drop of essence at a time.
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martyn parnell
Country brewer stocks a good range of brewing products. Mark the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful.
Daniel Craig Fardon
Mark is a great guy and very helpful, the store is well stocked and the prices are legendary.
Ron Griffey
Friendly, knowledgeable, service focused.
Steven Hoffman
Great service and very helpful thanks Mark
Georgina Warren
Great selections
Debby Jackson
Helpful friendly service for Novice.
Richard Jagger
Mark is super helpful and has great stock. Bring on happy brewers :)

Yeast & Consumables

The foundation of a good spirit lies in the quality of fermentation, and the yeast is at the heart of this process. At Country Brewer Port Macquarie, we offer a selection of yeast and other consumables to ensure a healthy and effective fermentation, setting the stage for a high-quality distillate. 

Here’s a breakdown of what we offer:

Distilling Yeasts
Our range of yeasts is selected for their ability to deliver a clean fermentation, ensuring a smooth spirit. Find yeast strains suited for whisky, vodka, rum, and other spirits.

Nutrients are essential for yeast health and activity. Our selection ensures your yeast has the right environment to thrive and complete fermentation efficiently.

Clarifying Agents
Achieve a clear, clean spirit with our range of clarifying agents, designed to remove unwanted compounds post-fermentation.

Carbon & Filters
Our carbon and filters are essential for purifying your spirit, removing impurities and contributing to a smoother taste.

Our expert team at Country Brewer Port Macquarie is here to provide guidance on selecting the right yeast and consumables for your distilling project. Whether you’re new to distilling or looking to refine your process, we have the products and expertise to assist you.

Visit us and explore our range of Yeast & Consumables, and let’s lay a solid foundation for your distilling journey, ensuring every batch is a step towards perfection.
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Oak Chips & Additives

Infuse your spirits with a symphony of flavours using our range of oak chips and additives at Country Brewer Port Macquarie. The journey from a good spirit to an exceptional one often lies in the nuances of flavour and aroma these additives provide. 

Here’s a closer look at what we offer:

Oak Chips
Our oak chips are a gateway to a realm of flavour complexities. Whether you desire a smoky, vanilla, or a tannic undertone, our variety of oak chips can help you achieve the desired character in your spirits.

Fine-tune the taste, mouthfeel, and aroma of your spirits with our curated selection of additives. From glycerine for a smoother mouthfeel to carbon for purification, our additives are here to refine your distilling outcome.

Our in-store experts are passionate about the craft of distilling and are here to provide guidance on how to effectively use oak chips and additives to elevate your spirits. Whether you are experimenting with flavours or aiming for a particular taste profile, we have the products and expertise to assist you.

Visit us at Country Brewer Port Macquarie to explore our Oak Chips & Additives section. Let’s enhance the narrative of your spirits with the right touch of oak and additives, crafting a tale of flavours that resonates with every sip.
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Our Brands

At Country Brewer, we're all about delivering a service you'll appreciate, guided by honesty and a shared love for culinary craftsmanship.

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